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Arise International Mental Health Foundation (AIMHF)

We are a leading one line and face-to-face provider of long-term and short-term mental health services in East Africa and Central Africa.

Established in 2020 in Tanzania, Arise International Mental Health Foundation (AIMHF) started as a faith group. Our belief in a higher power has made us realise that every change starts from within and therefore our aim is to provide an innovative mental health service that touches every aspect of an individual’s life. At AIMHF, we use a holistic care model that does not only focus on individual mental health but also other aspects of life, including physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

At AIMHF, we also believe that we cannot do it alone and therefore we work in partnership with other local and international organisations and providers to ensure that our services meet international standards in providing the best care for clients. We welcome professionals from different walks of life who bring excellent ideas and expertise.

AIMHF is led by clinical directors who believe that outstanding care is achieved by professionals who are motivated and supported to do their best.

Our professionals include psychologists, psychiatrists, general medical practitioners (GPs), registered mental health nurses, physical and wellbeing practitioners, faith leaders and hospitality staff.

Our platform allows people to connect with professionals easily at the earliest convenience.

All of our professionals speak English and Swahili.

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Psychological Therapy

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Psychiatric Services

Online General Medical Practitioner (GP)

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Wellbeing Practitioner

Faith Counselling And Clergy Support

Residential Wellness Retreat

Online Self-Help Resources



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